8 Week Training plan for 10k Run

NOVEMBER 18, 2017

If you have mastered the 5K and are ready to up your distance, then it may be time for your next goal - To Run a 10K. But don't train blindly.

Follow our 8-week training plan.

The goals: run a 6-minute-km race and train injury-free - both worthy goals. If you can run three to five kms continuously without any pain, then this plan is for you. This program includes both tempo and speed work. But don’t be intimidated by these new types of workouts.


  • XT = XT training. Go Cycling, swim, or hike — something besides running.
  • Rest = take a day off to get your body geared up for the next day!
  • Tempo run = a short run at a quick pace, only slightly slower than race pace.
  • Speed work = different types of interval training done at a track. Do note that 400 meters is equivalent to one lap around the track. One KM is equivalent to 2.5 laps around the track. Most of the speed work has you jogging between intervals for recovery.

How to decipher a speed workout

Speed Work Dist: 6K, inc Warm; 3×800 in 4:40 w/400 jogs; Cool = run 6K total; warm up for one KM, and then do three repetitions of the 800-meter (two times around a standard 400-meter track) in 4 minutes and 40 seconds; between reps, jog for 400 meters (once around the track); after your third rep, cool down by jogging for one mile.

How to decipher a tempo run

Tempo Run: Dist: 6K, inc Warm; 4K @ 6:00 min/KM; Cool = run a total of 6K; warm up for 1K, run 4K at a pace of a 6 min per KM, and then cool down running a 1k distance.

1 Rest 4K Run 30 Min XT 3K Run Rest 40 Min XT 5K RUN
2 Rest 4K 30 Min XT 3K Run Rest 40 Min XT 6K RUN
3 Rest 4K Run 35 Min XT 3K Run Rest 50 Min XT 6.5K RUN
4 Rest 5K Run 35 Min XT 3K Run Rest 50 Min XT 7K RUN
5 Rest 5K Run 40 Min XT 3K Run Rest 60 Min XT 7.5K RUN
6 Rest 5K Run 40 Min XT 3K Run Rest 60 Min XT 8K RUN
7 Rest 5K Run 45 Min XT 3K Run Rest 60 Min XT 9K RUN
8 Rest 5K Run 30 min XT 3K Run Rest Rest 10-K Run

If you don't like running around the track, then use a watch, and time yourself to get a sense of how long it takes for you to go around the track once (400 meters, or just under a quarter mile). Then you can use that amount of time to do intervals wherever you normally run. If you do work out on the track, make sure you change directions every other mile to help prevent injury.

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